Limerick City Build (LCB) is a social enterprise initiative formed to create employment pathways for economically marginalized and socially excluded people in Limerick City. A unique  feature  of  LCB  is its  “learning-by-doing”  approach  in  which  our participants  learn marketable skills in building and related occupations. This learning takes place in a supportive environment where each person is prepared for employment and self-employment through combined training in hard and soft skills.


LCB takes an integrated  holistic approach to preparing clients for entry to the workforce. An approach to service delivery and service development that ensures that service systems are developed in partnership with our clients and the formal economy with the aim of enabling them to remain economically active in the long term.

Limerick City has been identified as having the highest number of unemployment blackspots in the country. These are specifically within regeneration areas. Namely St. Marys Park, Moyross/ Ballynanty, Crew Park/ Weston, South hill. In the most disadvantaged areas of the city, a very high proportion of the population has no recent history of work. Our aim is to create a social dividend for Limerick City by enabling socially excluded and marginalised people to find their way into sustainable employment. In doing so we will reduce the level of dependence on transfers from the State and generate additional economic activity and employment in the Limerick City area.

There is a strong emphasis on enterprise and innovation running through LCB’s operating practices that we believe will lead a segment of our clients to see themselves as entrepreneurs in their own right.